How To Check Ingredients In Food Labels



1.Percentage of Fiber in Whole-Grain Food:  Check the percentage of fiber and cholesterol presence in food items. If it has 3% and more of fiber then it is considered as whole-grain and anything below it cannot be considered as being healthy.

2.Artificial Colors: They add artificial colors to make the food item attractive which are unhealthy when taken as large quantities or on regular basis.

3.Sugar Levels:  Check the sugar level in all the food items. Food with high level of sugar is completely unhealthy.

4.Flavor enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate): Don’t eat more ready to eat items as they have more flavor enhancer which causes sweating,breathing problem,headache etc.

5.Trans fat: If the food includes hydrogenated oils like margarine, then your food includes trans-fat. Large amount of trans fat can be harmful for the body.


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