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Your old toothbrush is a huge bacteria magnet : study

It might seem unlikely but your old toothbrush is a huge bacteria magnet, a new study has revealed.

A toothbrush can contain over 10 million bacteria including E. coli and Staph, according to the University of Manchester study.

Prosthodontist Dr Ann Wei told that in an unbrushed mouth, there can be as many germs as a dirty bathroom floor.

Your toothbrush can be contaminated by the water splashed when we wash our hands, or worse, by bacteria from an open-flushed toilet.

Nasties that fall from toilet spray remain airborne long enough to settle on surfaces throughout the bathroom.

And if you drop your toothbrush on the floor, the five second rule does not apply.

It picks up airborne bacteria that has settled on the floor and everything else that people traipse through via their feet.

Older parents are likelier to have a child who develops an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Older parents are likelier to have a child who develops an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than are younger parents, a new study has suggested.

The study from researchers from the Drexel University School of Public Health in Philadelphia and Karolinska Institute in Sweden provides more insight into how the risk associated with parental age varies between mothers' and fathers' ages, and found that the risk of having a child with both ASD and intellectual disability is larger for older parents.

In the study, researchers report that fathers' and mothers advancing ages have different impacts on their child's risk. The rise in ASD risk with parental age was greater for older mothers as compared to older fathers.

In this study, Brian K. Lee, PhD, an assistant professor in the Drexel University School of Public Health, and colleagues analyzed a large population registry sample of 417,303 children born in Sweden between 1984 and 2003, adjusted for numerous possible factors that could vary with parental age and also influence risk, such as family income and each parent's psychiatric history.

The study also used a particularly comprehensive case-finding approach, to identify more ASD cases than other studies might, based on all pathways to care in a socialized health system.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

The study found that heme iron consumption increased the risk for coronary heart disease by 57 percent

 Researchers have found a link between heme iron, found only in meat, and potentially deadly coronary heart disease.

The study found that heme iron consumption increased the risk for coronary heart disease by 57 percent, while no association was found between nonheme iron, which is in plant and other non-meat sources, and coronary heart disease.

Along with first author Jacob Hunnicutt, a graduate student in the school's Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, the study's co-authors are Ka He and Pengcheng Xun, faculty members in the department.

Hunnicutt said the link between iron intake, body iron stores and coronary heart disease has been debated for decades by researchers, with epidemiological studies providing inconsistent findings.

The new IU research, a meta-analysis, examined 21 previously published studies and data involving 292,454 participants during an average 10.2 years of follow-up.

The body treats the two kinds of iron differently. It can better control absorption of iron from vegetable sources, including iron supplements, but not so with iron from meat sources.

"The observed positive association between heme iron and risk of CHD may be explained by the high bioavailability of heme iron and its role as the primary source of iron in iron-replete participants," the researchers wrote. "Heme iron is absorbed at a much greater rate in comparison to nonheme iron (37 per cent vs. 5 per cent). Once absorbed, it may contribute as a catalyst in the oxidation of LDLs, causing tissue-damaging inflammation, which is a potential risk factor for CHD."

The study has been published online in the Journal of Nutrition.

Women in pain often say no to sex

Do not blame her for no action tonight as women in pain often say no to sex as pain from inflammation or some other reason greatly reduces sexual motivation in female than male, research reveals.

In a first such study, researchers from McGill University and Concordia University in Montreal have investigated the direct impact of pain on sexual behaviour in mice.

"We know from previous studies that women's sexual desire is far more dependent on context than men's - but whether this is due to biological or social/cultural factors, such as upbringing and media influence, is not known," said Jeffrey Mogil, a psychology professor at McGill.

Our finding that female mice, too, show pain-inhibited sexual desire suggests there may be an evolutionary biology explanation for these effects in humans - and not simply a sociocultural one, he added.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers placed mice in a mating chamber divided by a barrier with openings too small for male mice to squeeze through.

This enabled the females to decide whether, and for how long, to spend time with a male partner.

Female mice in pain spent less time on the "male side" of the testing chamber, and, as a result, less sexual behaviour occurred.

The researchers found that the sexual motivation of the female mice could be revived, however with a pain-relieving drug or with desire-enhancing drugs.

Male mice were tested in an undivided chamber in which they had free access to a female partner in heat.

Their sexual behaviour was entirely unaffected by the same inflammatory pain.

"This research provides an animal model of pain-inhibited sexual desire that would help scientists study this important symptom of chronic pain," said psychology professor Yitzchak Binik from McGill University.


India's Top Doctors & Industry Stalwarts to debate at historic 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Leadership Awards 2013

Mumbai, maharasthra -- Dr Naresh Trehan, Dr NS Laud, Dr Mukesh Batra,Dr Shasank Joshi, Dr. G.S.K. Velu,Dr Chytra Anand, Dr Kaushal Pandey, Dr Harish Bhende, Dr Sudhir Vaishnav, Dr Jythydev Kesavadav,Dr Shuba Dharmana,Kewal Handa, Deepak Naik,Dr Hasit Joshipura among others to review the pulse of india healthcare sector

The state of the indian pharmaceutical & healthcare industry is definitely not in good shape as the nation has witnessed series of policy paralysis & the stand-off between the industry & the government. The latest blow to this is in in FDI in Pharma where the government has decided to continue with the existing policy on foreign direct investment in the pharmaceutical sector and not implement the revised policy proposed by the industry ministry. However, an additional condition has been imposed that in all cases of FDI in Brownfield pharma projects, there will be no non-compete clause in any of the inter se agreements. There is also a deep concern with regard to the image of the pharma industry in india due to the severe attack from the regulatory bodies such as US FDA. Pricing continues to be the challenging factor as majority of essential drugs are controlled by the pricing mechanism of the government. Healthcare insurance again is a concept in womb in india. The state of medical profession in india still needs to be improved given the huge requirements of doctors. It seems political priorities have overtaken Indian growth story.

Keeping in view the seriousness of the topic where the government has repeatedly failed to give a leadership direction & listen to the Indian drug makers coupled with the lack of a healthy dialogue between the doctors & the pharma companies, Pharmaleaders ( ), a division of Network 7 Media Group, is organizing its 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2013 ( ) at hotel hilton mumbai international airport on Friday 27th December 2013 in india under the theme Incredible Pharmaleaders 2013, Billion Dreams - Pushing India's Growth Agenda. Speaking to media on the Pharmaleaders 2013 annual meet, Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders said " With the increasing pressure of the Indian pharmaceutical, Biotech Companies & Healthcare Firms to maintain the efficacy of the products & services in an era of price control, government regulation & international regulatory agencies to keep a alert on the companies to adhere to quality norms, the pharmaleaders forum attempt to bring a qualitative change in the minds of the pharmaleaders by bringing top leaders of the country in single plattform from the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology & medical profession to debate the significant issues grappling the country today. India's branded formulation market has become fiercely competitive due to the pricing mechanism, regulatory challenges & FDI in Pharma sector" said Satya Brahma.

Pharmaleaders has lined up top notch professionals to debate on wide array of subjects. Country's top leaders in healthcare will debate to raise issues of far reaching consequences. Amongst the leaders who will address are Mr. Kewal Kanda,Promoter Director,Salus Lifecare Pvt Ltd on Decoding the success mantra of Indian Pharma Industry in an era of Govt regulations, Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder Chairman, Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic, on Challenges of Globalizing Homeopathic Medicines : A Dr Batra's Case Study, Mr.Mahesh Zagade, Commissioner FDA, Maharashtra, Government of Maharashtra on Regulatory Challenges of Indian Plants. FDA Initiative to curb counterfeit drugs, Dr Shasank. R. Joshi ,Consulting Endocrinologist & Diabetologist on The Evolving Profile of the Indian Medical Practitioners : Doctors Expectations from the Pharmaceutical Companies - Beyond Gifts & Vacation Sponsorships, Mr. Deepak Naik,Managing Director, Health 'N' U Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd on Has the Pharmaceutical Companies failed to impress the doctors on medical education by adopting unethical means?, Dr.GSK Velu, Founder Chairman, Trivitron Group of Companies on Challenges & Oppourtunities of Indian Medical Device Industry, Dr Naresh Trehan, Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic Surgeon & CMDS,Medanta on Making of India's Leadership in Medical Innovation : The Real Time Experience, Dr. Shuba Dharmana,Cosmetic Dermatologist & Founder CEO, Le'jeune Medspa on The Changing Face of Indian Skincare Innovations, Prof. Dr. Nandkishore Shamrao Laud, Founder, Dr Laud Clinic on Cost effective Healthcare through citizens community participation.S. Krishnakumar of Future Steps will moderate the event.

Dr. Kaushal Pandey, Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Sudhir Vaishnav, Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Deepak K Jhumani, Consultant in Sexual Health and Counsellor, Dr. Harish S. Bhende Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Chytra v Anand, Founder&CEO & Chief Cosmetic Dermatologist, KOSMODERMA, Dr.Deepak Chaturvedi, Physician Endocrinologist & Dialectologist, Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine Expert will join in to a high voltage panel discussion on Ethics in Medical Profession. More than 250 Industry Leaders, Healthcare Experts, Pharma Academia, policy makers will be attending this historic summit.

The healthcare sector in India will grow to $158.2 billion in 2017 from $78.6 billion in 2012, a report has said. "The healthcare sector is growing at a 15% CAGR and jumped from $45 billion in 2008 to $78.6 billion in 2012 and expected to touch $158.2 billion by 2017,The factors behind the growth is rising incomes, easier access to high-quality healthcare facilities and greater awareness of personal health and hygiene. The country's healthcare system is developing rapidly and it continues to expand its coverage, services and spending in both the public as well as private sectors. The private sector has emerged as a vibrant force in India's healthcare industry, lending it both national and international repute. Private sector's share in healthcare delivery is expected to increase from 66% in 2005 to 81% by 2015. Private sector's share in hospitals and hospital beds is estimated at 74% and 40%, respectively. There is substantial demand for high-quality and speciality healthcare services in tier-II and tier-III cities. To encourage the private sector to establish hospitals in these cities, government has relaxed the taxes on these hospitals for the first 5 years.Over the years, health insurance is gaining momentum in India; gross healthcare insurance premium is expanding at a CAGR of 39% over FY06-10. This trend is likely to continue, benefitting the country's healthcare industry.Strong mobile technology infrastructure and launch of 4G is expected to drive mobile health initiatives in the country. Mobile health industry in India is expected to reach $0.6 billion by 2017.To standardize the quality of service delivery, control cost and enhance patient engagement, healthcare providers are focussing on the technological aspect of healthcare delivery.Digital health knowledge resources, electronic medical record, mobile healthcare, hospital information system are some of the technologies gaining acceptance in the sector. Going forward, the healthcare sector's spending on IT products and services is expected to rise from $53 billion in 2012 to $57 billion in 2013.

The 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards will also felicitate top performers in 30 award categories besides individual recognition from the jury members to the ambassadors of Indian healthcare industry.

Pharmaleaders is an independent Media that aims to ventilate the views of the common man through its magazine & digital version. It attempts to create a free mindset of opinions rather than following the chamchagiri of select few unlike other media houses. Over the last years, Pharmaleaders, the flagship media outfit of Network 7 Media Group has exposed many in the government & those in Gaddis who try to dictate their own terms & build their own pockets ignoring the pockets of aam admis who are the real interface of the society. We don't intend to present a picture that is not true, we present facts, truth , based on factual datas rather than on painted pictures without any substance. Our fight is against those in power who has been continuously attacking the federal structure of India with their financial muscle & divides us on the basis of caste, religion, and creed & sometimes on presenting dramatic stories. While we are independent, unbiased & believe in fair journalism, our struggle continues to expose those who want to cut the million voices of India who rise to protest against their barbaric behavior & nepotism. We are candid on facts, simple on arithmatics yet tough against power brokers. No matter how much opposition we face, our mindset becomes stronger & bolder.

Pharmaleaders is India's first opinion based & research driven bi-monthly magazine & has a decade of relentless reporting in Pharma Journalism in an unbiased, fearless & independent way. Over the last one decade, The Magazine has covered some of the biggest voices in healthcare Industry. Available both in digital & printed format, Pharmaleaders has emerged out as a leading title in voicing the opinion of the healthcare industry to the statutory Authorities like Ministry of Health & Family Affairs, Dept of Chemicals & Fertilizers, DCGA, FDA & many other institutions to present the pressing demands of the healthcare industry. Network 7 Media Group Media Outfit, a unit of Pharmaleaders, is a result of emergence of an extreme thought process in the form of some of the biggest & exclusive media properties that arose due to the frustration & disappointment of the present status-quo of the society in existence in the form of a careless & extremely insensitive administration of a large set-up. Network 7 Group has continuously strived to expose the misdeeds of the corrupt administrative fabrics or poor legislation or failure of a large entity in corporate governanance. Distinctively standing out of other media initiatives, Network 7 group has been in the forefront of championing the cause of good governance , fair, unbiased & independent reporting in national & international fields. Driven by the objective to address & deliberate some of the burning issues, sometimes neglected causes, Pharmaleaders is pioneering the concept of introducing a fierce democratic process in the form a mass resistance in bringing into the forefront of issues that matter most in the form of digital, printed, published, conclaves, summits & even in blogs & letters shoot out to the authoritative. Headquartered in Mumbai, Network 7 Group Media Outfit is backed & operated by some of the biggest think-tanks of the contemporary society whose ideas & actions are reflected in the form of editorials & exclusive news findings. Network 7 Group Media is present in the form of digital media production, publications, high-profile international events & healthcare communications.

Global trends echo in Central & West Africa Focus on Speed in Pharma Processing & Packaging

Ahmedabad, Gujarat-- With consistently rising demand and emphasis on international scale quality production of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, there has always been a growing emphasis on the speed factor in processing and packaging cycle. This was the major attraction during the display of the pharma machinery technologies during the recently held Nigeria Pharma Manufacturers Expo 2013 (NPME 2013) during October 17 to 19, 2013 at Lagos, Nigeria.

A wide range of pharma machinery technologies were on display at the exhibition by more than 145 exhibiting companies from 9 countries who exhibited over 2,400 products/services, which included - Pharma Processing & Packaging Machineries & Materials, Pharma Formulations & Contract Manufacturing Services, API/Bulk Drugs, Analytical Lab Equipments & Services, Environment Control Products & Services, Utility Equipments & Services, Trade Promotion Councils, etc.

International exhibitions like NPME 2013 play a very vital and important role to share the latest information and updates to the regional pharma fraternity. Above 3,500 pharma professionals attended the international exhibition to update the latest technologies in pharmaceutical manufacturing. NPME 2013 attended by Biotechnology Specialists, CEO's Engineers, Technocrats and Scientists, Compliance, Corporate Management, Custom Manufacturing/Marketing Services, Equipment Suppliers & Distributors, Maintenance Engineering, Manufacturing/Production Engineering, Operations Management, Packaging Engineering, Pharmacists, Plant Management, Policy Makers, Diplomats and Foreign Commercial Corp., Process Engineering, Procurement Dept., Purchase, Purchase Officers, Quality Assurance / Quality Control, R&D Professionals, Regulatory Officers, Validation, Vendor Development, etc.

NPME2013 was organized with the aim to promote the local pharma manufacturing products and at the same time to provide a trade platform for pharma machineries & technologies. The major attraction for the pharma trade visitors was to meet the OEMs and get and procure an update on the latest technologies.

The Exhibition - Nigeria Pharma Manufacturers Expo 2013 organized jointly by PMG - MAN and GPE EXPO PVT LTD was inaugurated by Mr. Paul Orhii, Director General, NAFDAC, Federal Republic of Nigeria. NPME 2013 was endorsed by Federal Ministry of Health (Nigeria), National Agency for Food & Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC - Nigeria), West African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, and supported by the EEPC India (Govt. of India), Indian Pharma Machinery Manufacturers' Association (IPMMA), Indian Drug Manufacturers Association - Gujarat State Branch (IDMA - GSB) and Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (India) - [BDMA India]. The only Official Media is PHARMA Pro&Pack magazine and official website of NPME 2013 is At NPME 2013 Exhibition, more than 30 Member Companies of the PMG MAN showcased their high quality formulations for export promotions. An India Pavilion was set up by EEPC India in association with MSME (Dept. of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Government of India) where 26 companies exhibited. The China Pavilion set up by CCCMHPIE (China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products) where 14 companies displayed their products / services.

Leading companies from Nigeria, India, and China exhibited their latest products/services and pharma manufacturing technologies at NPME 2013, Lagos exhibition.

Brief about the Organizers:Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (PMG-MAN): PMG-MAN is the umbrella body of the local manufacturers of the medicines and healthcare products in Nigeria with over one hundred members having established factories that manufacturing life-saving medicines to support the Healthcare Delivery System. In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, PMG-MAN established the 1st special Exhibition / Expo starting in June 2008 in Abuja, which sensitized and showcased the resources, contributions and breakthrough pharmaceutical products - Proudly Made - in - Nigeria to Nigerian citizenry, policy makers and the international community. GPE Expo Pvt.Ltd: Established in 1997, GPE has attained an international recognition worldwide including, India, Malaysia, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and have become specialized in providing event planning and consultation services, event marketing & management for country specific international exhibitions, along with for corporations, associations and individual organizations of pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Besides servicing pharmaceutical industry, GPE has been also associated with Healthcare and Chemical segments.

For further information, please visit:

Besides servicing pharmaceutical industry, GPE has been also associated with Healthcare and Chemical segments, including Association of Surgeons of India, Society of Gastroenterology (India), Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India, Association of Colon and Rectum Surgeons of India, Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, Indian Society of Knee and Hip Surgeons, Association of Physicians of India, Urologist Society of India, etc.

Bottega Di Lungavita products now have an online address

New Delhi -- Bottega Di Lungavita (BDL), the natural cosmetic line that offers the most cutting-edge solutions for all beauty needs, has launched its website for customers to explore and purchase its premium range of products.

The website offers a complete look into the world of natural and scientifically developed BDL products that comprise both personal care and cosmetic solutions. A dedicated anti-ageing line with over 15 solutions, whitening products, cosmetic solutions for expecting and post-natal mothers, a baby care range, oils and aromatherapy creams and gels to keep the skin and hair nourished, sun protection treatments and anti-cellulite concentrates and supplements are just some of the many wellness and beauty remedies one can access via the website. The website will offer COD and all other payment methods on purchase of products.

Mr. Arjun Khurana, Managing Director, OFI (Bottega Di Lungavita) commented on the website launch saying, "We are very pleased with how the website has turned out. In terms of design and appearance, it perfectly complements the BDL philosophy of holistic, nature-inspired well being, beauty and harmony. Customers of BDL will find the interface, product range and related content of the website extremely useful and easy to navigate."

Besides offering a dekko into the product range of BDL, the website also hosts a comprehensive section on beauty and cosmetic tips, valuable inputs by experts on personal care and natural dietary supplements. The website aims to be a complete solution provider for all beauty and cosmetic needs and queries of BDL patrons.

Log on to to access Bottega Di Lungavita's premium range of natural cosmetic products.

OFI with the brand name BOTTEGA DI LUNGAVITA is the natural cosmetic line that offers the most cutting edge products for all beauty needs Skin care, Anti ageing, Mom & Babies, Men, Aromatherapy, Bath & Shower etc. The quality of its formulas, the excellence of its production and its particular concern for the efficacy and skin compatibility of the product are our company's strengths.

Historic 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Awards 2013 focused to give Aam Admi of India affordable medicines & Quality healthcare to rural india at Pharmaleaders 2013 Meet.

Mumbai, Maharasthra -- In a sequel to the sixty days of the voting by the Indian masses to select the best of the best in the final five nominees in various important categories & individual nonvoting categories, Pharmaleaders ( ) felicitated top performers in the healthcare industry & medical professionals in Mumbai on Friday,27th December 2013 at the historic 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2013 ( ) at the hand of Mayank Gandhi, Member, National Executive of the Aam Admi Party. Organised by Pharmaleaders, Asia's leading healthcare media in healthcare communications & a division of Network 7 Media Group, The platform witnessed more than 300 professionals of the healthcare industry.

Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders in the opening address lambasted the union government for the faulty healthcare reforms & policy paralysis. In a scathing attack to the UPA regime, NPPA, Health Ministry, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Satya highlighted the series of issues neglected by the authorities & blamed the central government for not listening to the long-standing demands of the sensitive healthcare industry in DPCO logjam, FDI in Pharmaceuticals & the widening gap of the government & the vast majority of Indian masses who are deprived of the basic healthcare needs. The highlight of the seminar was the panel discussion on "Ethics in Medical Profession" where country's top doctors & industry debated on the decline of ethics in medical profession & reached at the consensus that the industry & doctors must work closely to build a strong models to promote the dignity of the profession.

Addressing the industry leaders & leading faces of the medical profession, Mayank Gandhi, Chief Guest of the evening urged the industry to provide affordable medicines to the Aam Admis & criticized the government of not bringing industry friendly reforms. Mayank stressed the need of a clean politics & higher ethical standards of the rulers & launched a series of attack to the policy makers who underestimated the power of the Aam Admis. The arrogance of the legislators & Parliamentarians will no longer be tolerated as india is now prepared to give a befitting reply to the rulers if legislators failed to the demands of the masses.

The Evening Award ceremony was marked by the entry of the volunteers of the Aam Admi Party at the historic summit. Anjali Damania, Maharashtra State Convenor of the Aam Admi Party joined with Mayank Gandhi & Satya Brahma in the inaugural lamp lighting ceremony followed by the National Anthem in the packed house where the who's & Who's of the Indian healthcare industry were present. The Chief guest of the Pharmaleaders awards evening Mayank Gandhi accompanied by the Editor-In-Chief of the Pharmaleaders Satya Brahma conferred the prestigious & coveted titles to the leading faces of the Indian healthcare industry. The winners at the 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Awards are as following.

Voting Nomination Category Winners:

Rising Company of the year 2013

1.Galpha Laboratories Ltd. Emerging Business Leader of the Year 2013

2.Dr Rajeev Modi MD, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd

3.Emerging Business Woman of The Year 2013, Ms. Nidhi Saxena. Founder & CEO, Karmic Lifesciences

4.Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Mr. Prakash Guha, MD, Zuventus Healthcare Ltd

5.India's Most Respected Company by Medical Practitioners 2013, Zuventus Healthcare Ltd

6.India's Best Managed Healthcare Chain 2013, Global Hospitals Group

7.Multinational Company of the year 2013, Abbott India Ltd

8.India's Most Admired Company in Healthcare IT Solutions 2013, Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd.

9.India's Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013, Dr.Chytra. V. Anand, Founder, CEO & Chief Cosmetic Dermatologist, KOSMORDEMA

10.India's Most Admired Company in CRAMS Market 2013, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

11.Emerging Company of the Year 2013, Menarini India Private Limited

12.Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2013, Dr. Nilyini G, Founder CEO, Blu Skin Cosmetology

13.CEO of the year 2013, Mr. Rehan A. Khan, Managing Director, Abbott India

14.India's Most Admired Company in Corporate Governance 2013, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd

15.Brand of The Year 2013, DOLO

16.Rising Brand of The Year 2013, Newbona (Akumentis Healthcare Ltd)

17.India's Most Admired Pharma Company 2013, Alkem Laboratories Ltd.

18.India's Fastest Growing Pharma Company 2013, Menarini India Private Limited

19.India's Most Respected Healthcare Group To Work For 2013, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

20.India's Fastest Growing Company in Contract Manufacturing 2013

Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Non-Voting Category Winners :

1. Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade

Dr. Viswanathan Mohan, Founder & CEO

Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialties Centre.

2. Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi, Physician Endocrinologist & Diabetologist

3. Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade

Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev, Founder Chairman, Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre

4. Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade

Dr. Shasank R Joshi, Consulting Endocrinologist & Founder, Joshi Clinic

5. Global Indian Of The Year 2013

Dr. Naresh Trehan, Founder Chairman, Medanta

6. Global Indian Of The Year 2013

Prof. Dr. Nandkishore Shamrao Laud, Founder, Dr Laud Clinic

7. Lifetime Achievement Award 2013

Mr. D.C. Jain, Chairman, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

8. Pioneering Innovation in Stem Cell Banking Award 2013

Life Cell International Pvt Ltd

9. Entrepreneur of the year 2013

Dr. G.S.K. Velu, Managing Director, Trivitron Healthcare

10. Rising Brand of The Year 2013

JUENE &UV CARE RANGE, Adroit Biomed Limited

11. Business Leader of the Decade

Mr. Satish Ramanlal Mehta,CEO & MD, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited

12. Emerging Hospital Group 2013

Medfort Maxivision Hospitals

13. Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine Expert 2013

Dr. Rashmi Shetty, CEO & Founder,Ra Skin & Aesthetcs

14. Healthcare Visionary of The Decade

Dr. Kancherla Ravindranath, CMD, Global Hospitals Group

15. Business Leader of the year (Healthcare & IT)

Mr. Upinder Zutshi, CEO & MD, Infinite Computer Solutions (I) Limited

16. India's Most Admired Homeopathic Brand 2013

Dr. Batra's Positive Health Clinic

17. Transformational Leader of the Decade

Dr. Mukesh Batra, Founder Chairman, Dr. Batra's Positve Health Clinic

18. Emerging Pharmaleader of the year 2013

Dr. Rajaram Samant, MD, Akumentis Healthcare Limited

19. Emerging Pharmaleader of the year 2013

Mr. A.K.Patra, CMD, Salius Pharma Pvt. Ltd

20. Emerging Pharmaleader of the year 2013

Mr. A.K.Sahoo, CEO, Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd

21. Emerging Pharmaleader of the year 2013

Mr. Piyush Rathi, Director, Advanced Enzymes Technologies Ltd.

22. Pharmaleader of the year 2013

Dr. Hasit.B.Joshipura, MD, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd

23. Social Entrepreneur in Mass Education Award 2013

Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide, CMD, St. Angelo's Professional Education.

Pharmaleaders believe that while the industry today is at the loggerheads with the Government & various statutory authorities including the regulators such as the Drug Administration, Market watchdog SEBI & host of other organizations, there is a lack of meaningful dialogue & interaction between the Industry & the Government leading to the bigger uncertainty of the overseas players coming to India with the basket of products & investments in the absence of a weak law & virtual policy paralysis. The issue of Pricing is the biggest factor leading to the discontentment of the Pharma Companies. The unavailability of medicines seen across the country is the major challenge as well the declining research & drug discovery, Clinical trials are seen as major deterrents". The Pharmaleaders platform therefore attempts to build these crucial gap of trust deficit & infuse the sense of confidence of the country's drug makers, policy makers & the government.

Pharmaleaders is an independent Media that aims to ventilate the views of the common man through its magazine & digital version. Pharmaleaders is India's first opinion based & research driven Healthcare Communication media & has a decade of relentless reporting in Pharma Journalism in an unbiased, fearless & independent way. Over the last one decade, Pharmaleaders has covered some of the biggest voices in healthcare Industry.

What Do Industry leaders from Zyadus Cadia -Ranbaxy laboratory- Lupin Say About Indian PHARMA Industry and PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2014 ??

Ahmedabad, Gujarat -- The Second edition of IPMMA initiative PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2014 is all set to go and it is going to be a milestone event . PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2014 is being supported by more than 14 national and international associations. Since the first edition of PHARMA Pro&Pack expo 2013 received a mind boggling response , expectation of whole PHARMA industry is very high on this second edition and it is being highly awaited and most promising PHARMA manufacturing exhibition . More than 78 % of the total space has been booked all ready by the industries prominent giants . There are more than 480 PHARMA manufacturing companies are expected from 18 countries at PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2014 and iPHEX 2014 . One of the most fascinating feature of PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2014 is there are more than 20,000 potential buyers including more than 1400 buyers from 105 countries will mark their presence in both the twin exhibitions which is truly outstanding as far as business and investment in exhibition is concern .

Here are few words by some PHARMA industry leaders as what they think about PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2014 .

PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo offers undoubtedly a proven platform for every single micro scale technocrat to showcase their skills on international scale. This would be a great leap in the direction to position the Brand INDIA worldwide. More interestingly, as a visitor, you get enough space to interact with the entrepreneur in full length at PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo. Looking forward to meeting you at PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo..!

PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo has emerged as a Can't Miss event for both - Exhibitors and Visitors. They enable a huge gathering of who's who of the pharma world - the Buyers & Suppliers, thereby bringing Technologies and People together.

PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo and iPHEX - the only proven platform when micro to large scale companies exhibiting at equal with healthy business-ecology, where the Exhibitors get an excellent opportunity to showcase the technologies and the Visitors get wide range of options to select. An unparalleled event, which no can afford to miss..!

Omron inspires good living, extends its line of products in the wellness sector ~Cushion Massagers and Nerve Stimulators~

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. provides diagnostic setup at Reliable Hospital inaugurated by Shri Narendra Modi

Mumbai, Maharashtra-- Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. has always remained committed to doctors and patients worldwide in meeting their needs for reliable, affordable and innovative medical diagnostic systems. In the last three decades of its existence, Transasia has delivered excellence across the length and breadth of the country and globally, reaching some of the most remotest areas as well.

On 10th November, 2013, the Reliable Hospital was inaugurated in the village of Balasinor, Gujarat through the hands of Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat. The Chief Minister was taken through the lab setup by Mr. Jotwani, Sr. VP- Sales & Marketing, Sales & Marketing for Transasia. He was impressed with the extensive diagnsotic instruments which played an integral role in the basic pathological setup of the hospital.Instruments such as EM 360, EC5 Plus V2 (Biochemistry), XS 1000i (Hematology), Uro-dipcheck 300 (Urine Analysis), Vesmatic cube 30 (ESR), Elan 30s (Immunology), Medica EasyStat and Medica Easylyte (Critical Care) and CA 50 (Coagulation), which are integral for the diagnostic profiling of the patients and provided by Transasia were displayed. The inauguration program was telecast live on many National news channels.

The 200 bed hospital is spread over an area of 25 acres. As part of phase one, the hospital has commenced its services with 100 functional beds. The opening ceremony was attended by over 12,000 delegates from all walks of life and nearby villages.

We are thankful to Mr. Rashidbhai -Chairman & the management of Reliable Hospital for trusting us in providing the entire diagnostic setup for the hospital, thereby giving us an opprtunity to contribute to the well-being of the people of Balasinor, Guajrat. In true sense, Transasia, an IVD leader in India, took the lead in a small village in the presence of the most admired leader of the country.

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd.

Incepted in the year 1979, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is one of India's largest In- vitro Diagnostics Company and offers solutions and products in Biochemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, ESR, Immunology, Urinalysis, Critical Care, Electrophoresis, Molecular Diagnostics, Diabetes Management and Microbiology. Infact, Transasia is the first Indian company to manufacture and export sophisticated, state of the art blood analyzers and reagents.

Transasia is a part of the global ERBA Diagnostics Mannheim GmbH Group. The ERBA Group has spread its footprint across USA, Europe, Turkey and Eastern Europe, Russia and France, by means of various acquisitions - ERBA Lachema s.r.o.(Czech Republic), ERBA Russia (Russia), ERBA Diagnostics, Inc. (USA), Diamedix Corporation (USA), Delta Biologicals,S.r.l (Italy), ImmunoVision, Inc. (USA), Erba DDS (Turkey), ERBA Diagnostics France (France), JAS Diagnostics Inc. (USA) and Drew Scientific (USA).

Transasia manufactures and markets equipment and reagents, with an impressive install base of around 38,000 equipments across India. Transasia also exports to more than 90 countries in five continents.

The vast network of more than 150 service engineers, 350+ Sales and Marketing Team, 14 zonal offices, and 300+ Distributors allows us to reach out to customers across the length and breadth of the country.

Alliances with international partners like Sysmex Corporation(Japan), Wako (Japan), Medica (USA), Diesse (Italy), Immco (USA), Vircell (Spain), Helena Bio-sciences (UK), Genprobe (USA), have ensured that cutting edge technology and solutions can be brought to India. Transasia markets, services and supports the Sysmex products and solutions in India. ( )

UK based Nu Cosmetic Clinic Partners with Sparkleminds For Franchise Development Expansion.

Bengaluru, Karnataka-- UK's Leading Cosmetic Surgery Provider, 'Nu Cosmetic Clinic' (, with over 25 years expert team experience in delivering high quality cosmetic treatments; surgical as well as non-invasive to thousands of satisfied clients, has joinds hands with Sparkleminds ( for expanding its business through franchise model. Sparkleminds is a specialized franchise consulting company offering franchise development services to businesses seeking expansions, for over 15 years now.

Commenting on the association with Sparkleminds, Mr. Niraj Manglam, CEO Nu Cosmetic Clinic, stated, "At Nu, the client's needs and desires are always at the forefront of our minds and we believe in being clear, open and honest. With this ethos and our commitment to clinical excellence, we have achieved great success in the United Kingdom being a leading provider of cosmetic surgery. Now, in association with the Beams Hospital Group (, the leader and pioneers in laparoscopic surgery in India, we intend to bring you this same high quality service and customer care"

"Nu Cosmetic Clinic endeavor to deliver the highest quality care, underpinned by personal and procedural clinical excellence that surpasses the expectations of our clients. We strive to be the trailblazers of ethical, honest cosmetic surgery practice; being the first of a new generation of providers who inspire trust and confidence in our clients, colleagues and in our workforce. We believe that through honesty, professionalism and a steadfast commitment to lifetime customer care, both before and after surgery, we can provide the very best experience and results for our clients and be the benchmark by which other providers compare themselves."

"Our aim is to cater to health and look conscious people, providing them high quality cosmetic treatments; surgical as well as non-invasive, which we will be able to service, with our expert teams. We look forward to being present in all tier I and tier II cities of India through these specialty franchise clinics for which we have hired Sparkleminds to develop the franchise strategy and to help us roll out the franchises within the next 12 months."

Our association with an Experienced Franchise Consulting company like sparkleminds will enable us to franchise our business professionally. We have already begun work on our back end based on the recommendations put forth by them and are looking forward to reaching all urban cities in India, quickly." Quoted Mr. Niraj Manglam.

Mr. Amit Nahar, One Of India's Senior-most Franchise Consultants and Founder CEO, Sparkleminds, said that "we are proud to bring a world class brand in the cosmetic services Industry through our Franchise Development Programme, which could have been envisioned only by international experts, with as much expertise in delivering what the consumers seek, to practically ensuring that there is a robust after sales service provided to clients who experience the services. We look forward to offering 800 Sft-1500 Sft franchised Nu Cosmetic Clinics across all major cities and towns In India, inviting franchisees with investment capacities of 50 - 60 Lakhs, not to mention the tremendous earning potential, that these world class center's will provide." It will probably be the only franchise in its category in the country which offers a complete range of services under one roof beginning from Skin Treatments, Hair Solutions and all kinds of Surgical and Non-Surgical treatments to get you to shape and to look fabulous.

He further stated, "The entire Wellness Industry is pegged at Rs. 68000 crore with 35% YoY growth, far exceeding the growth rate witnessed by other sectors. With proven high quality treatments record for over two decades, we are confident, that the clients will love these proven services while the franchises will experience high returns due to the depth and expertise that NU Cosmetics Franchise brings to the table." The company plans to begin franchising NU Cosmetic Clinic in India beginning early 2014.

Sparkleminds is an integrated franchise development company with more than a decade of franchise consulting experience in the Indian Subcontinent. Since 1998 it has consulted and assisted companies like Euro Kids, Shemrock, Little Millenium From Educomp, Bright Kids, and over 100 clients across different segments including BG Cleaning Systems, Manhattan Pizza, Castrol Bike Zone, ICI Dulux Paints, Rajdhani, Moti Mahal, Gitanjali, Pizza Corner, Juice Lounge, Subway, Bighdey Nawab, and many more. Sparkleminds at its other division, helps entrepreneurs find, choose and start a new franchise based on their skills and the resources they want to deploy. Sparkleminds is a complete franchise solutions company offering a large bouquet of franchise services to companies seeking expansion using the franchise route.

The Pink Ribbon Meet Organised by Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre for Breast Cancer Awareness

New Delhi -- Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre organised "The Pink Ribbon Meet" with an aim to raise awareness about curability and preventive measures in successfully combating breast cancer. Breast Cancer survivors belonging to a wide range of age group from 25 to 85 along with various breast cancer experts participated in the annual programme of the centre in Delhi.

Dr. Kapil Kumar, Senior Consultant and Head of Breast, Thoracic and Soft Tissue Services, RGCI & RC highlighted low level of physical activity leading to obesity as a prime breast cancer risk factor among women. Dr. Kumar said, "Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancers affecting women across the world. However that does not discount that males don't get breast cancer. One of out of 100 breast cancers occurs in a male. The higher risk of breast cancer for women who gain weight is likely due to higher levels of estrogen, since fat tissue is the largest source of estrogen among women especially those who are in post-menopausal stage. Active lifestyle, following healthy dietary regime and avoiding smoking can go a long way in keeping cancer at bay from Women."

"In India around 80% of breast cancer patients are in an advanced stage when they go for treatment. Creating awareness about causes, issues and challenges in preventing and surviving breast cancer and latest treatments is the key agenda of this meet between the survivors and cancer specialists. RGCI & RC aims to take the fight against cancer through such innovative programmes across general public." said Dr. Kumar about the agenda of the event.

Breast cancer survivors 35-year old Mrs. Pramila (name changed) echoed the sentiments of her fellow survivors, "It was a really scary and dark time batting cancer. But the latest treatments, medications and care available at the centre instilled the faith and belief in me and my family that we can overcome this disease." She also agreed that lack of awareness about breast cancer had almost made her ignorethe lump in her breast which she thoughtwas normal part of breast-feeding. "I was healthy, fit, on the young side of life, so there wasn't really anything that would have pointed me in that direction at all," she recalls.

Participants at The Pink Ribbon Meet underlined the message that breast cancer can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles. For instance, many late effects can be avoided or minimized by eating a healthy diet, being physically active and quitting smoking. The meet was informative with panel discussion involving the survivors and doctors.

About Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre has been providing high quality diagnostic, treatment and multi-disciplinary care for cancer patients for the last 16 years. The philosophy is to constantly strive towards, excellence in onco-care through combination of latest technology, competent personnel and humane touch. This is reflected by the addition of Bone Marrow transplant unit, IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Technique), IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy) and Da Vinci Robotic system.

Welcoming ambitious Entrepreneurs to join hands with MAX Hair Studio (USA's No.1 Hair Replacement & Extension Studio) in establishing its presence across India as a complete Hair Solution Company

Chennai, Tamil Nadu -- Established in the United States of America in 2005, Max has been the No.1 hair consultants for years. Max Hair Studio is the complete hair solution specialist that specialises in rejuvenating, replacing and remodelling your hair style in a way that you have always been dreaming of. Max have the most equipped hair studios with all the advanced technologies and treatment methods. The Hair Studio is known for its hygiene, professionalism, privacy and customer care.

MAX Hair Studio was started in India in the year 2007 and since then we have built a very strong customer base in Chennai and Hyderabad. We took this time to test the market and practically see the demand for such guaranteed solutions in India. Now that the results are very fruitful in terms of growth and financial stability, we plan to expand across the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities where competition is also less and the demand is at its peak.

There are basically few environmental and Psychological factors such as pollution, food habits, stress, water contamination, genetics etc. which causes hair problems. In India, the above mentioned factors are very unlikely to reduce in the future as the pollution, contamination is increasing at a steady pace and stress, food habits are bound to worsen in the coming years. Nowadays, it is very shocking to see men between the age group of 19-24 years having baldness problems and women between the age group of 18-25 facing immense hair fall issues. Hence in a country like India, it is indeed very important to cater these problems as the future for this industry is looking very bright.

The industry we are in is currently at its nascent stage with very few competitors. However, the awareness and demand among the customers has grown leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. It was during this period that we developed a strong brand with continuous R&D and patented products. The beauty of this business is that the competitor's entry is restricted to a very large extent as they require a patent to start such a studio which takes a very long time. Hence in the next five years, we see MAX Hair Studio becoming the NO.1 Hair Studio in India such that when a customer gets a hair problem, he thinks of only MAX hair Studio.

On studying the Market, we understood that the awareness level among the people has increased to a great extent and grooming has become a very important criterion for any work profile. India is passing through a phase where grooming is big business. Looking good is considered very important, and more people are spending money on products that do that, especially men. Analysts said hair care treatment is much more expensive in the West compared with India. The average cost of transplantation in the US is about $4.5 per follicle against just $1.75 per follicle in India, the Francorp report said. Over 75% of this market is dominated by men. Since there are very few players who cater to such baldness and hair fall problems, the market is very wide open with a huge potential. With the increasing demand for such solutions and increasing causes for Hair problems, we see the future market opening to three times more potential than what it is now in the next 3-5 years. Moreover, since we have got the patent for all our products, we wish to capture this huge market.

In 2010, the global hair restoration industry was worth $1.9 billion (around Rs.10, 260 Crore today) and India contributed 14% of that, according to a 2012 report by Francorp, an arm of Franchise India. The market grew at an average rate of 22% over the past three years and is expected to grow by 37% between 2012 and 2015, it said.

The study also says that out of the above mentioned, 65% take medicines, 22% treats it via surgery and only 1.03% are happy about it. One serious issue with this segment is that 90% of the customers who come to such outlets are not aware what exactly they want, thus leading to a situation where they dream of something and end-up getting something else. This is where our Studio stands out from its competitors.

The only challange we face in this industry is getting enthusiastic investors who trusts this industry and sees the future growth of the market. Not many are aware of the market size and the potential of the business we are in and this is where we find it difficult to make them understand the fact that this industry would see very rapid growth in the next 5 years.

MAX hair Studio is USA's No.1 Hair Restoration and Replacement Company providing solutions for all kinds of Hair Problem under one roof. There are vast services offered by MAX hair Studio few of which are mentioned below:

   1. MAX Hair Replacements (Skin Lace System)
   2. MAX Hair Extensions
   3. MAX Hair Transplantation
   4. MAX Instant Hair Fibers
   5. MAX Stem cell therapy
   6. MAX Laser Therapy
   7. MAX Medical Hair Treatments
   8. Dandruff Treatments etc. to mention a few

MIOT performs the most complex aneurysm surgery reported for the First time in India for a heart transplant patient

Chennai, Tamil Nadu -- A team of doctors headed by Dr.V.V.Bashi, conducted a complicated surgery on a patient who had heart transplant 4 years ago.

A 25 year old girl came to us with severe chest pain and breathing difficulty on 22.11.2013. She was not able to lie down because of breathlessness. She had earlier undergone heart transplant on 17.09.2009 elsewhere for heart failure (Cardiomyopathy).

She underwent all the tests and we found that she had a dissecting aneurysm of the ascending aorta and leak in the major valve of the heart (Aortic valve).

The only way to save her life was to do a major surgery under very high risk. She was on medications to prevent rejection of the transplanted heart. This makes the operation technically difficult. She has increased chance of infection as it is a long operation. Transfusing regular blood can also produce increase chance of rejection of the heart.


First she was connected to the heart lung machine by putting two tubes in the groin and she was cooled before we opened the chest because the aneurysm was sticking to the chest wall. Then we removed the diseased valve and the ascending aorta and dissected out the coronary arteries. After that the whole of the ascending aorta and Aortic valve was replaced with artificial valve and graft and the coronary arteries was reimplanted (Bentall's operation). After surgery she was on careful monitoring and special medications to prevent complications. She made an uneventful recovery and is ready to go home in few days.

The surgical team was headed by Dr.V.V.Bashi and assisted by Dr.Vijit and Dr.Prasanna and Anesthesia team was headed by Dr.Aju Jacob assisted by Dr.Jyotsna and Dr.Ajith. Besides them a team of Perfusionists, nurses and technical staff were involved in the operation.

Corrective surgery for Dissecting aneurysm of the ascending aorta on a transplanted heart is not reported from India before and is only the 3rd instance reported in the world. Since the patient hails from a poor socio-economic status, the family was unable to mobilize the funds. Hence the management of MIOT International waived off the entire cost for the surgery and medications which amounted to Rs. 5 Lacs.

About the MIOT Centre for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Care:

    * MIOT is the largest referral centre for complex aortic aneurysms in South India performing more than 100 such complex aneurysm cases annually.
    * Dr.V.V.Bashi has performed more than 300 cases of Bentall's operation (the one in the case mentioned above), which is one of the largest series in India with a success rate of 99% which matches to any best centre as reported across the world.
    * World-class infrastructure and equipment - ensures the best for the patient, especially for complex heart diseases.
    * Clean environment - well laid out, spacious and clean environment has ensured low rates of infection in this centre.
    * The centre has performed more than 15,000 cardiac surgical procedures with outstanding results which includes Off-pump treating heart CABG's, Mitral valve repairs, Aortic aneurysm operation, Arterial grafting for bypass surgeries, Endovascular stenting and hybrid procedures for aortic aneurysms and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeries (MICS).

About MIOT Hospitals

MIOT was founded in 1999 by Padmashri Prof. Dr. P VA Mohandas, with the vision of building a world class hospital in India. Starting out as a hospital specializing in Orthopaedics and Trauma, MIOT quickly grew into a premier multi-specialty hospital (47 Specialities), continuously adding new departments that collaborate in the treatment of complex cases. From diagnostic scans and computer navigation to miniaturised instruments, the hospital has invested heavily in the latest technology, resulting in precise diagnoses, minimally invasive treatments and faster recovery periods.

Get your friends and family to admire themselves with Enrich Gift Cards

New Delhi -- ValuAccess, a leading provider of gift cards and loyalty programs in Asia empowers Enrich with their newly launched Gift Card. Enrich Giftcard is presently available pan-India at all their outlets in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. With a minimum purchase amount of Rs. 250, Enrich Gift Cards are presently available for purchase. These programmes run on ValuAccess technology platform which is highly sophisticated, secure and reliable.

Bhupesh Dinger, Director-Operations, Enrich said, "Our fundamental belief has always been that everyone has a gift and a duty to recognise this in themselves and others. We practice this everyday by creating systems and services that help people be look and feel at their confident best. These gift cards are the best gifts for any occasion or no occasion at all. It is a gift to make your loved ones feel special. We are extremely happy about the association and the results of it."

Alistair Gordon, Founder & Managing Director, ValuAccess, "We are delighted to launch the Gift Card for the renowned unisex salon Enrich, which after making a mark in Mumbai, has now expanded to other cities. The Gift card is designed keeping in mind the most favourite services offered by the Salon. We hope to have a long term association with Enrich."

Enrich salon started way back in 1997 & has emerged as Mumbai's largest unisex salon chain with branches in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune. Enrich has Partnerships with L'Oreal, Remy Laure, Agelock, and Christian Valmy which are very well known brands in the industry. The company has become very aggressive recently & almost doubled its store count to 53. In the industry, they are known for their focus on training, customer focus, service consistency and quality standards.

Established in 2006, ValuAccess was founded with the mission to provide creative branded stored value (prepaid) and customer intimacy (loyalty & CRM) programmes for major merchants across all categories of retail, restaurants, hotels, entertainment and spas/salons across Asia (currently India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain and expanding). ValuAccess's full service solution is managing over 21, 00,000 physical, digital and mobile 'cards' and processing in excess of 12, 00,000 transactions every month.Their full service, device agnostic solution enables the operation of combined or standalone gift card and customer intimacy programmes, covering transaction processing and POS support to card logistics, reporting, analytics and client support services. The company's strength and key point of differentiation lies in the sharing of their knowledge, experience and expertise in how to market, merchandise, implement and operate a programme. Valuaccess has strong corporate sales team in India to sell retailer's Giftcards in different corporate and existing network.

Interventional Neuro Procedure Prevents Bleeding In The Brain And Saves 24-Year-Girl In Bangalore

Bengaluru, Karnataka -- A 24-year-old woman diagnosed with Brain hemorrhage and aneurysm in the brain was successfully treated at Narayana Health City, Bangalore through a planned innovative technique called 'Y Stent-assisted coiling' technique. Sania (name changed) suffered from severe headache, which was followed by vomiting and loss of consciousness. She underwent a CT scan, which indicated a brain hemorrhage, and upon further evaluation, showed ballooning (Aneurysm) in the main artery which supplies blood to the brain.

Aneurysm is a bulge or ballooning in the blood vessel which when ruptured could lead to hemorrhagic stroke. 10-15% of the patients who suffer Subarachnoid hemorrhage (hemorrhagic stroke) die before they reach hospital. Upon studying the complex condition of the patient, Dr. Vikram Huded, Head of Interventional Neurology and Stroke, Narayana Health City, Bangalore administered the 'Y-Stent-assisted coiling' technique, which would help to stop further bleeding in the brain. This being a case of medical emergency, a plan of action for treatment had to be worked out with the team of doctors, and then executed in quick succession.

Talking about the case, Dr. Vikram Huded, Head of Interventional Neurology and stroke, Narayana Health City, Bangalore said, "Brain hemorrhage is a medical emergency as it could lead to neurological difficulties such as headache, vomiting, difficulty with vision, numbness or weakness of an arm or leg, difficulty with memory or speech, or seizures. Endovascular coiling is a nonsurgical method to treat brain aneurysms. However, in this case the neck of the aneurysm was wide and even the conventional method of endovascular coiling could have failed. 'Y-Stent-assisted' technique was the only way to stop the coils in the aneurysm from slipping back in to the artery and to preserve two arteries arising adjacent to aneurysm, since two stents were placed on either side."

Coiling of brain aneurysm involves insertion of thin long tube (catheter) into the brain aneurysm through a pin-hole puncture in the groin. Tiny platinum coils are pushed through the catheter and deployed inside the aneurysm, blocking blood flow into the aneurysm, thus preventing rupture. Narayana Health City Bangalore has state of art "Hybrid Cath lab" with Xper CT facility, where such complexes cases can be done with precision.

The Department of Neurosciences at Narayana Health City, Bangalore has clinical and research program that incorporates state-of-the-art approaches in caring for patients with stroke or other vascular disorders of the brain. The hospital also offers interventional neurology, a speciality which uses minimally invasive procedures for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of blood vessels of brain and spinal cord.

About Narayana Health:

Narayana Health (formerly Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals) founded by Dr. Devi Shetty has 22 hospitals across 14 Indian cities with total of 6200 beds. The flagship hospital at NH Health City in Bangalore has India's largest Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and Dialysis unit with tertiary care expertise in Liver, Kidney and Heart transplants. The Group has one of the largest tele-medicine networks, and has performed the highest number of heart surgeries in the world. With health cities similar to Bangalore coming up in Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Jaipur, Narayana Health is transforming healthcare delivery through process innovation.

Narayana Hrudayalaya, the nation's pre-eminent healthcare provider has now got a new identity - Narayana Health

From a humble beginning of a 200 beds Cardiac Hospital, we grew into a 6,200 beds multi-specialty healthcare conglomerate in a span of 13 years, cutting across a variety of specialties, partnerships and geographies.

The thing about rapid growth is that it is usually accompanied with a host of complications. The primary one was that of maintaining a distinctive identity. Our brand represents a singularity of purpose and commitment with Quality, compassion and affordability being hallmarks of our brand promise. The rebranding initiative builds on all the exceptional work we have done and the accomplishments we have achieved. It focuses and directs our future efforts into carefully phased, definitive plan that enables us to express ourselves consistently in everything we say and do.

It is an organizing principle that integrates our legacy, our locations, disciplines, talents and expertise - and the human mission that binds everyone at NH. Our new tagline - 'Health for all. All for Health', nothing less than a clarion call, captures the essence of our belief in the democratization of healthcare - in India and around the world.

Prakash Guha of Zuventus Healthcare in close competition with Mankind Pharma's Rajeev Juneja for the coveted Dynamic Entrepreneur Award at 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2013

Mumbai, Maharasthra-- With an aptly theme of Incredible Pharmaleaders, Billion Dreams - Pushing India's growth Agenda organized by Network 7 Media Group's Pharmaleaders ( ), Asia's most analytical news media in healthcare communications at the historic 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2013 ( ), the nomination voting category of Dynamic Entrepreneur of the year Award 2013 has intensified with less than three days to go when the voting closes to chose the winner in the coveted title where india's top five dynamic leaders in healthcare domain has made their stunning performance in the last one year. In the race to the coveted Dynamic Entrepreneur Award 2013 title are Suresh Sugavanam,MD, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), Vilas Gandhi Tewari, Director, USV Ltd, Rajeev Juneja, Co-Founder & Director, Mankind Pharma Ltd, Ashish Shah, MD, QSI Healthcare, Prakash Guha, MD, Zuventus Healthcare Ltd.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry currently ranks third in terms of volume of production (10% of global share) and is the 14th largest by value (1.5%). Its turnover has grown from a mere $0.3 billion in 1980 to about $21.73 billion in 2009-10. The industry consists of more than 5,000 small, medium and large manufacturers. The domestic market is valued at $9.44 billion, while pharmaceutical exports in 2009-10 amounted to some $8.79 billion in value terms. Industry is facing a difficult times as the new price regime is halting the pace of drugmakers & host of other issues like regulatory challenges, clinical trials & faulty policy logzam by the government. Against the background of the prevailing medical practice & market conditions, the image of pharma companies are of utmost importance says Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders, " the leadership style of all these five nominees has been spectacular & each leader has a unique style in meeting the challenges & leading the team from front. These Leaders have demonstrated remarkable display of maintaining the growth momentum despite the difficult times".

While Suresh Sugavanam,MD, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is leading one of the world's largest Conformity Assessment Service Provider backed by more than a century of experience in product testing and inspection. UL has assessed, tested or inspected billions of products, systems and processes. A key part of UL's mission is to foster quality assurance and improvement whilst maintaining UL's reputation for professionalism and integrity. UL has established a wholly owned subsidiary in India in 1998. Vilas Gandhi Tewari, Director, USV Ltd is spearheading a portfolio which consists of Solid Orals, Injectables, Ophthalmics, Biosimilars, Biologicals Reagents, Peptides, APIs and Custom Peptide Services. USV is No. 1 in the OAD market by Rx and by value and No. 1 in Cardiology by Rx. It is important to note that Glycomet, Glycomet GP, Pioz, Pioz MF,Glynase and Glynase MF are ranked 1st in their respective categories. Rajeev Juneja, Co-Founder & Director, Mankind Pharma Ltd is leading the 7th largest Pharmaceutical Company of India incepted in 1995 with a meagre capital of 50 lakhs and 20 employees. Today, Mankind are amongst the top 5 fastest growing Pharmaceutical companies of India with an employee base of more than 10000 and heading towards a turnover of INR 3000 crores. Ashish Shah, MD, QSI Healthcare .Ashish Shah is the Managing Director of QSI Healthcare, leading operations from the Bangalore Innovation Center. In his more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, he has been passionate about the deployment of new technologies, developing products that exceed customer's expectations, and building world-class teams that drive business growth. Ashish was previously with the healthcare divisions within Siemens and GE. He has led global technology teams that range from 100 to 1300+ engineers. Ashish has also led work on mergers and acquisitions, change management initiatives and global innovation projects. He also has expertise in developing global organizations, providing a variety of growth strategy solutions.The dynamic & ambitious Prakash Guha, MD, Zuventus Healthcare Ltd is credited with Crossing the enviable 100 Cr turn over mark in just 18 months of operations & building Mega brands which made it into Top 300 industry brands in less than 5 years of our existence & achieving leadership positions for some brands displacing even well entrenched MNC brands. Today Zuventus Healthcare has a strong network of Medical Representatives on a pan india basis, state of Maufacturing facilities & turnover of more than 650 Crore with a strong basket of products.

The final result of the winner will be declared on the award presentation ceremony on Friday, 27th December 2013 in Mumbai, India.

Web :

Originally launched in 1999 as the Pharma Business & Technology Excellence Awards, these were first produced by the PHARMA BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE as a means of honoring innovation in pharmaceutical marketing, corporate governance and research and development & Lifetime Achievements category. Pharma Excellence Awards were produced by PBT Awards in India and expanded to recognize global corporate citizenship and individual achievements.As PBT Magazine wes discontinued, the task was taken up by the Management of Pharma Leaders Magazine. Over the Years, the awards was re-evaluated and recast to focus more on scientific accomplishments in industry and academic pharmaceutical research. The awards have been presented and at a sold-out gala award night. Since the institution of Leadership Awards, over 200 industry executives and leading academic scientists from around the world have been honoured. At a time when the pharma industry is facing some tough times-and the old way of doing things just won't work, Our Expert Judges roll out the selection methodology to felicitate the top honours. An independent panel of prominent society and industry leaders have been judge these awards. Winners have been selected via various processes & judging are based on information provided by the nominees. Finalists are notified in advance - in writing. The final winners are announced at the awards evening.

CHMP Recommends EU Approval of Piramal Imaging's NeuraCeqTM (Florbetaben 18F)* for PET Imaging of Neuritic Beta-Amyloid Plaques in the Brain

Mumbai, Maharashtra-- Piramal Imaging announced today the European Union's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) recommended approval of NeuraCeqTM (florbetaben 18F). The CHMP's recommendation will now be referred to the European Commission, for approval in the European Union (EU).

NeuraCeqTM is a radiopharmaceutical indicated for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging of neuritic beta-amyloid plaque density in the brains of adult patients with cognitive impairment who are being evaluated for Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other causes of cognitive impairment.

―This recommendation marks a major milestone for Piramal Imaging in our commitment to assist in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and the development of novel tracers for PET imaging,‖ said Dr. Ludger Dinkelborg, Director of the Board, Piramal Imaging SA. ―This is a key step towards mMolecular Imagingaking this innovative type of imaging more accessible to healthcare providers and patients across Europe.

Earlier this month, G8 health ministers held a dementia summit in London to discuss the challenges associated with this ―major disease burden‖ that will likely affect one of every three people during their lifetimes. Despite its prevalence, the root cause of dementia is often misdiagnosed. As a result, a patient may not receive valuable treatments, or-if a patient does not have dementia-receive unnecessary and costly treatments that demonstrate no benefit. Following the summit, the G8 participants issued a communiqué that asked members to commit to ―making timely diagnosis and early intervention feasible, affordable and cost effective.

―Alzheimer's disease is a growing epidemic, with recent data suggesting more than six million people in Europe and 36 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer's,‖ said Dr. Swati Piramal, Vice Chairperson, Piramal Enterprises Ltd. ―When Piramal Enterprises acquired Bayer HealthCare's molecular-imaging pipeline in 2012, we were excited about the potential for NeuraCeqTM as an adjunct to other diagnostic evaluations for dementia. It arms physicians with additional data to help reduce misdiagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and may have the potential to aid in earlier diagnosis and intervention. We look forward to hearing the European Commission's final decision.

The CHMP's positive opinion was based on data from the pivotal phase III autopsy study, which showed that PET imaging with NeuraCeqTM detects neuritic beta-amyloid in the brains of living subjects. The visual subject-level PET reading proposed for routine clinical practice compared to histopathology for the first 31 brains demonstrated 100 percent sensitivity and 86 percent specificity. In a post-hoc analysis in a larger population with 74 autopsied subjects, the sensitivity of the visual assessment was 98 percent and specificity was 89 percent.

It is important to note, that a positive NeuraceqTM scan does not establish a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive disorder. Additionally, the safety and effectiveness of NeuraceqTM have not been established for predicting the development of dementia or other neurologic conditions or monitoring responses to therapies.

Piramal Imaging has partnered with IBA Molecular for manufacturing and distribution of NeuraCeqTM upon EU approval. IBA Molecular owns and operates a network of 54 PET isotope facilities worldwide, a network that is unique in both size and scope.

About Piramal Imaging SA

Piramal Imaging SA, a division of Piramal Enterprises, Ltd., was formed in 2012 with the acquisition of the molecular imaging research and development portfolio of Bayer Pharma AG. By developing novel PET tracers for molecular imaging, Piramal Imaging is focusing on a key field of modern medicine. Piramal Imaging strives to be a leader in the Molecular Imaging field by developing innovative products that improve early detection and characterization of chronic and life threatening diseases, leading to better therapeutic outcomes and improved quality of life. For more information please go to

About IBA Molecular

IBA Molecular is a global group of companies that develops, manufactures and distributes radiopharmaceutical products and supporting services used in molecular imaging. IBA Molecular has engineered a strong and unique product portfolio and pipeline of diagnostic and therapeutic tracers aimed at advancing the global movement towards personalized medicine and making molecular imaging/therapy a major discipline in healthcare. The company also provides educational, technical and marketing support to medical specialists worldwide to help them respond better to patient needs. For more information, please visit or contact IBA Molecular North America, Inc., 21000 Atlantic Boulevard, Suite 730, Dulles, Virginia 20166.

*NeuraCeqTM (florbetaben 18F) is an investigational PET amyloid imaging agent currently under review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and recommended for approval in the European Union by the CHMP.

About Piramal Enterprises Ltd.

Piramal Enterprises (PEL) is one of India's largest diversified companies, with a presence in pharmaceuticals, financial services and healthcare information management sectors. PEL had consolidated revenues of over $650 million in FY2013. In the pharmaceutical space, PEL is one of leading custom manufacturing players globally, has presence in the global critical care segment with a portfolio of inhalation and injectable anesthetics and its OTC business is ranked no. 7 in India. PEL is also engaged in drug discovery and research, and has strong pipeline of development products. In the financial services space, PEL has a real estate focused PE fund - Indiareit, and a NBFC that is focused on lending to the real estate and education sectors. PEL's healthcare information management business, Decision Resources Group, is a leading provider of information-based services to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Economist & Champion of Homeopathic Medicines Dr Mukesh Batra to unveil the US$120 Billion Global Market & India's prowess in challenging France & Germany

Mumbai, Maharasthra-- According to World health Organisation, Homeopathy is the fastest-growing and second-most widely-used system of medicine in the world & no wonder the man in action at the 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2013 ( ) organized by Network 7 Media Group's media outfit Pharmaleaders ( ) is Asia's most respected expert in alternative health, homoeopathy, is Dr Mukesh Batra will address the Pharmaleaders 2013 summit on Challenges of Globalization of Homeopathic Medicines. Dr Mukesh Batra, Chairman of Dr Batra's positive health clinic is fast spreading its wings in global map Founded in 1982 by Dr. Mukesh Batra, Dr. Batra's Positive Health Clinic has come a long way today with 126 clinics spread across 64 cities in India, Dubai and UK. It provides state-of-the-art services to more than half a million people from all over the world, with the numbers growing steadily.

To the credit of india & in an era of difficult times where the Indian pharmaceutical industry is facing an uphill task in the allopathic medicine, Dr Batra's efforts are commendable but the real test lies in taking the brand to the global map specially to the developed market where regulators & price will be a major challenge. In an exclusive interview to Satya Brahma, Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders, Dr Batra summed up briefly the major points of his key-note Address that of building India as a worldwide base of creating an ideal destination in Homeopathic Research.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has termed Homeopathy as the second largest system of medicine. According to US-based The National Centre for Homeopathy, by 2017 the Homeopathy market will be equivalent to the alternative healthcare market, which is Rs 52,000 crore currently.

Challenges of Globalization of Homeopathic Medicines: Dr Batra's Case Study

My first dharm sankat when I started my practice in 1974 was how could I make money out of other peoples sufferings. A doctor was then seen as a healer, a family physician, a friend - even a match maker. This was more so in case of homeopathy. When the missionary bought homeopathy to India they set up many free clinics. These mushroomed over the years and together with a large number of amateur practitioners led to the belief that homeopathy was good for free. If you had to pay for it, you better consult a specialist.

The early challenges as a start-up

The number one challenge for us as a start-up was to legitimize homeopathy as a paid professional service. It has been said that, "The science of medicine is the art of healing." It was thought that homeopathy was more an art than science - A hit and miss method that works for some, and doesn't work for others.Second challenge was to correctly position homeopathy as a modern medical tool and to increase its acceptance. It was also believed that homeopathy works only with experience. It was a perception that you have to have white hairs to prescribe white pills.Third challenge was to change the fuddy duddy perception of homeopathy into a modern therapy practiced by young progressive doctors. Medicine gets easily outdated as new technology and even newer diseases make old knowledge irrelevant. During my time there was no swine flu, bird flu, aids, not even chickengunya.

The next challenge came from the personalized and individualistic nature of homeopathy treatment. This imposes a growth limit since there are only so many patients that one doctor can handle. Thus, the fourth challenge was to professionalize the service and create a scalable replicable business that could work independently of me and reach economies of scale.

The challenges of homeopathic entrepreneurship

Organizational Matrix: I wanted to build an institution and institutionalize my practice of homeopathy so that my medical experience does not die with me, as people die but institutions outlive, evolve and grow. This proved a huge challenge and has taken me more than 10 years to build a strong organization that can not only continue the present entrepreneurship model in an auto mode but also be able to drive growth.

The first mover disadvantage: Marketing gurus speak of a first mover advantage. But it can also be a disadvantage when there is no path to follow and you have to create your own path. The cost of experimentation is sometimes high and we learnt the ropes the hard way. It can be an expensive learning curve for the pioneer. Secondly, while we grow the market at our cost others copy and just move in

Advertising: How much is too much: In an industry where word of mouth is the prime reason for decision-making by the consumer - advertising is not often well received. We sometimes hear people say, "They advertise so much, they must be making a lot of money, or if they can spend so much they must be very expensive."

Loosing trained doctors: Gone are the days when people would start and end their careers in one company. Undoubtedly, today, for any HR in the healthcare industry, retaining medical professionals is the major challenge. At Dr Batra's the attrition rate of doctors is just 2 per cent. What keeps them back are great salaries backed by performance incentives, good working conditions, and 500 hours of CME every year and a watertight contract.

Rentals in retail: All the retailers would agree that with property prices soaring at an unbelievable rate, it hampers our rent-to-revenue ratio, thereby making business unviable.

The scalability challenges: How did we overcome it? Achieve standardization throughout Infrastructure, Services, Medicines, and Treatment Treatment at Dr Batra's is standardized through standardized training as well as processes which all doctors follow. The medical audit department also does a regular review of treatments. Medicines are centrally purchased through approved vendors as per international standards and dispatched to every clinic; no clinic is allowed to buy local medicines. Layouts, designs are as per written manual including the right colour of red and blue of our brand and GSM of stationary used across the organization.We believe that we are part of a knowledge industry and we have to regularly update our knowledge. To achieve this we introduced intensive and continual medical training for doctors and measure their KPA's and KRA's for after training efficiency.We remained patient centric and tracked and recorded customer satisfaction and responded to it. We measure customer advocacy through repeat business and references. A recent Nielsen study showed that as much as 2/3 of our patients would recommend Dr Batra's very strongly. Also, 90 per cent of Dr Batra's hair patients won't change to any other brand of treatment. Another study revealed that 73 per cent of the patients taking allopathy and homeopathy treatment say that Dr. Batra's is the best solution in homeopathy.

Used advertising to build the brand and expand the market

    * Print & Electronic Media: Dr Batra's does consistent media campaigns through various channels to ensure maximum brand visibility, and growth
    * PR: We have successfully built our brand and increased credibility by utilizing varied PR channels for our annual events, launch of new clinics, products, technology, success stories etc. Dr Batras is today the most trusted brand in homeopathy in India according to Brand Trust Report 2012.

Conducted market research to get a better understanding of the consumer

The company from time to time to get a better insight into the consumers mind has carried out both qualitative and quantitative research studies. This shapes the internal communication to our patients at the clinics and is also reflected in our advertising.

Pioneered the use of Internet to treat patients online

We introduced the brick and click method for the first in homeopathy. We have treated 4.5 lakh patients in 2005 through the Internet from 86 countries that got us a mention in the Limca book of records for treating the highest number of patients on line.

Maintained medical and financial transparency

It was Mark Twain who said, "Always do right. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest". No prescriptions are coded but are transparently put through our computers to doctors and patients alike. Similarly all payments are through cheques. There are no under the table remuneration for any employee in the company. We have also refused properties which had a cash component.

Followed the best business practices and became the first homeopathic clinic in the world to earn ISO 9001

We are now into TQM, Six Sigma and balanced scorecard. We have recently developed our own ERP program to help us run our business better.

Used technology & Innovations

    * Blister packing of medicines: Dr. Batras' is the first homeopathic institute in India to introduce blister packing of the traditional white pills to retain the medicinal properties in the purest form till it is consumed
    * We introduced m-health to enable patients to get treatment through their mobile
    * We were the first to pioneer Tele-Homeopathy Clinic in homeopathy to facilitate doctor-patient interaction through video-conferencing for consultation or a second opinion across various geographies
    * Standardization of treatment using ERP: Our cutting edge ERP system stores patients' medical histories and treatment details online, enabling standardization of treatment
    * Mystery Audits: Third-party mystery customers visit the clinics and audit every person involved with the company to help keep track of their performance as well as to maintain the value of the brand.
    * Dr Batra's is the first to maintain online records of patients' case histories and seamlessly integrate network access to patients' databases for research and evaluation studies across its clinics.
    * The Clinic has in place well-defined disease protocols for measuring medical outcomes through scientific parametres. There is also a system where cases are escalated for a second opinion with an expert medical committee.

Globalization Challenges

International Partnership: Establishing international partnership is one of the major challenges in expanding business internationally. For example, most countries have 51/49 per cent share holding norm for partnership with local partners holding maximum share in any venture. However, understanding the critical challenges in this, we refused to do business in this kind of share holding pattern till date. Dr Batra's today has 100 per cent ownership in all its international ventures.

Distance & Time zones: Managing clinics miles away is a hurdle. Also, different time zones creates difficulty in smooth functioning

Managing crisis situations: Crisis management becomes extremely difficult in international ventures, as it becomes difficult to commute and take on the spot decisions when business demands

Financial challenges:

Regulatory Challenges: Different countries have different laws and regulations. In Dubai for example, there are separate regulations for foreign partners in Dubai and Dubai Healthcare City. Thus, it is mandatory to take approvals from both the regulatory authorities, which can be a time consuming and difficult process. For example, it took us 14 months to get license to practice in Jumeirah.

Corporate citizenship and corporate responsibility

As doctors, we see so much of pain suffering and death that we become insensitive. "I walked and complained that I had no shoes till I came across a man who had no feet". To keep our sensitivity alive we work with the under privileged, the old age homes, orphanages and animal shelters. We have a 1% formula for our foundation, 1% of salary, vendor billing and profits of the company. Rs 2/- for every paid patient is donated to an animal shelter every month. It motivates us to create wealth so that we can share it. We have initiated the positive health awards for people who have fought impossible medical odds to recover.

Conclusively, with the phenomenal growth that homeopathy is currently enjoying all over the world, we believe we have just touched the tip of the iceberg. Management buffs often ask me about our five-year business plan and the future of our company. I believe that in a dynamic fast changing world the only constant is change. We have to adapt to change according to ground realities and have to be flexible and responsive to market conditions. Therefore while on paper we do have a business plan in practice we change it every day.

Pharmaleaders believe that while the industry today is at the loggerheads with the Government & various statutory authorities including the regulators such as the Drug Administration, Market watchdog SEBI & host of other organizations, there is a lack of meaningful dialogue & interaction between the Industry & the Government leading to the bigger uncertainty of the overseas players coming to India with the basket of products & investments in the absence of a weak law & virtual policy paralysis. The issue of Pricing is the biggest factor leading to the discontentment of the Pharma Companies. The unavailability of medicines seen across the country is the major challenge as well the declining research & drug discovery, Clinical trials are seen as major deterrents". The Pharmaleaders platform therefore attempts to build these crucial gap of trust deficit & infuse the sense of confidence of the country's drug makers, policy makers & the government.

Pharmaleaders is an independent Media that aims to ventilate the views of the common man through its magazine & digital version. Pharmaleaders is India's first opinion based & research driven Healthcare Communication media & has a decade of relentless reporting in Pharma Journalism in an unbiased, fearless & independent way. Over the last one decade, Pharmaleaders has covered some of the biggest voices in healthcare Industry.

Kick-start 2014 & Meet the Happy New You with Talwalkars New Year offer

Mumbai, Maharashtra -- Talwalkars Better Value Fitness, one of the leading fitness brands of the country introduces "Buy 3 months weight loss membership get a 3 months membership free for a loved one" as a New Year offer for the fitness enthusiasts. So if you have a fitness goal to achieve, a desire to have a fit body and are determined to shed those extra kilos - then get on the road to fitness with your companion; for this is the perfect time to vow to lose weight.

Mr. Prashant Talwalkar, Managing Director & CEO, Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd. says, "Over the years, we have seen that getting in shape just before the New Year is a key consumer insight. We do hope with Talwalkars New Year offer our consumers will be able to achieve their fitness goals and stick to the New Year resolution of staying fit. With our New Year membership offer, Talwalkars will help you make real changes. Experience fitness this holiday season and let the experts at Talwalkars guide you on the right fitness track"

Setting goals right now is an excellent way to ensure you stay on track and take a pledge to lead a fit lifestyle. Commit to fitness this New Year - Buy a minimum of 3 month weight loss membership package at Talwalkars and get a complimentary membership for your loved one.

Speaking on this innovative marketing initiative Mr. Nitin Shakdher, Vice-president (Marketing) Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd. says "We are quite excited with the launch of our New Year 2014 scheme. New Year definitely is the best time to shed those extra kilos and get into shape. Our Happy New You 2014 scheme will offer fantastic value to the consumers and help them stay on the fitness track.

This is the time of the year - to discover the New You, to set your goals right and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle."

This holiday season, Talwalkars invites all fitness enthusiasts to sign up with Talwalkars and get a complimentary membership for their loved ones - gift of good health.

You can send a SMS with FIT to 53636 or call 022- 33710100/08879631175 for more details! You can also like us on or follow us at and join us on or visit us on for more updates!

About Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd. (TBVFL)

TBVFL India's largest fitness chain with over 146 gyms across 75 cities, offering a diverse set of services including gyms, spas, aerobics and health counseling under the brand 'Talwalkars' to an active member base of over 1,25,000 members. Having developed the infrastructure for offering gym facilities across the country Talwalkars is now leveraging this reach to launch several initiatives that offers other fitness alternatives to enthusiasts. It recently launched NuForm studios in Mumbai which are designed to provide twenty minutes a week fitness solution using Electro Muscular Stimulus technology imported from Germany. The launch of Zumba® Fitness is another move towards widening its consumer base while using the team and infrastructure it already has in place, thereby seeking to consolidate its position as the leader in the fitness industry in India. With the launch of Reduce, Talwalkars aims at helping consumers achieve their fitness goals. Reduce is a complete weight loss solution that's easy, healthy and is designed keeping in mind the busy schedule of the consumers.

Talwalkars has pioneered the concept of gyms in India, with their first gym being set up in Mumbai in 1932 by late Shri Vishnu Talwalkar. Madhukar Talwalkar further carried on the legacy and today the brand Talwalkars is synonymous with the word fitness across India. The brand 'Talwalkars' has been in an expansion mode by setting up gyms across the country, cities as diverse and spread out as : Aligarh, Aurangabad, Bareilly, Bhavnagar, Bhopal, Dehradun, Jamshedpur, Hubli, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Nashik, Moradabad, Panchkula, Sangli, Surat, Solapur, Rajkot, Ranchi, etc. have been covered.

TBVFL was listed on the BSE and NSE in May 2010 and is the first fitness company to be listed on the Indian stock exchanges. It issued 60, 50,000 shares at a price of Rs. 128 per share.

Columbia Asia Hospital offers advice and support to arthritis patients at health camp

Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad -- Have you been living with pain and stiffness in your joints that have restricted your movement and severely affected your quality of life? Arthritis, a fairly common degenerative ailment inflicts several elderly people, but not many take recourse to treatment and help.

With an aim to encourage people to come out and seek help in making their lives better, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad, organized a two-day Arthritis camp (December 23-24) to offer free counsel and advice to patients

Patients living with the debilitating disease often give up hope that they can ever live a normal life and accept arthritis as part of the normal ageing process. However, with medical intervention, therapy and in some cases joint replacement, a lot of normalcy can be restored and quality of life improved.

This was the message that the health awareness camp intended to give up -- that if you are living with an intolerable knee pain or deformity in your limbs, you need not continue to bear the agony in silence, just seek treatment that will make your life better.

Dr. Rajesh Verma, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad, says often people consider joint replacement as a measure of the last resort and refuse to go for it despite suffering pain when they need not do so.

People suffering from arthritis often experience morning stiffness, difficulty walking more than 50 meters, swollen joints, deformity in upper and lower limbs and even limp. The problem can make life very difficult, and even simple daily tasks can become painful and exhausting.

With advancing age and regular wear and tear, the cartilage around the joints gets worn out. Treatment options include physiotherapy, visco-supplementation, pain medications and surgery. While medicines and exercises can help, after a certain stage these options are of limited help.

"Over the years, joint replacement has emerged as a viable and safe option, which is also long lasting for advanced cases of osteo-arthritis, and a number of elderly people are actually opting for it," says Dr Verma.

Besides seeking medication and help, it is also important for people to take care of their diets, exercise and take care of your joints so as not to cause any further damage to them.

Patients attending the camp are being offered free of cost registration, consultation with the senior orthopedician as well as free X Ray screening and free session with a Physiotherapist. The hospital also offered a 30 per cent discount on lab and radiology tests.

"Through this Arthritis camp, our endeavor is to encourage people to seek medical help for arthritis related issues as life does not end with the problem, it is still possible to make your life better and improve the quality of living with proper intervention," said Dr. Sumit Prasad, General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad.

Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the first healthcare companies to enter the country through 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) route. makes no representations and/or warranties, express or implied, with respect to this information or any part there of, including non-infringement of copyright or patent rights of others, merchantability, or fitness or suitability for purpose.The content on this site is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for consultation by a healthcare provider. Please consult your own physician or appropriate healthcare practitioner about the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your own symptoms or medical does not warrant that the information on this website is absolutely current, although every effort is made to ensure that it is kept as current as possible. We cannot and do not warrant the accuracy of the Information beyond the source documents, although we do make every attempt to work from authoritative sources.

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